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Born and raised in San Diego, CA, AROCK began learning to DJ at the age of 12 and quickly found himself immersed in the culture and lifestyle.

Over the years, he has channeled his admiration for the art form into various businesses and successfully built the subscription-based music service dedicated to the DJ community, BPM Supreme.

As an innovator, creator, and entrepreneur, AROCK very much considers himself to be a student of life with no intentions to stop evolving as a businessman, a creative, and an artist. In fact, AROCK has recently worked behind the scenes in the studio as an aspiring but ambitious music producer, all while continuing to cultivate his existing businesses, which are currently expanding, outward from San Diego and into the Los Angeles area.

AROCK’s ultimate goal is always to keep moving forward and never look back, knowing that tomorrow’s possibilities are endless.

32.715795, -117.164079 SD_CA LA_CA 34.098516, -118.325700

I’m AROCK and
I’m ready for the
next chapter.

32.715795, -117.164079 SD_CA LA_CA 34.098516, -118.325700